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Unleash the power of AR and VR marketing to engage, excite and convert.

What others had to say about working with us:

"Please share my thanks with the entire team they produced a beautiful VR experience with really great support throughout the installation. In terms of KPIs we exceeded the results we expected converting 20% of users into customers and over 35% of users into community members."
"Your ability to translate Full Fibre into experiences was second to none, the VR experience was our shining star. The quality of the content produced across the tour is something that I am particularly proud of so you should be too."
“We’re so proud of our Dream Heroes campaign and were delighted with the results! Turning a challenge into an opportunity, this brand activation has helped us reach a wider audience than ever before, bringing joy to our fans and driving affiliate satisfaction.”
NBC Dreamworks

Why use Mixed Reality Co?

To create a lasting connection with your customers, staff or audience nothing can beat an experience: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." This powerful form of marketing creates a lasting impact with your audience.


Immersive experiences captivate customers, leading to increased brand loyalty, sales, and customer satisfaction.


Streamline training, enhance employee performance, and reduce training costs, leading to improved operational efficiency.


Allow customers to interact with products virtually, try them on or even test fit them in their space. The ultimate sales companion.

What is it for?

We have created XR projects for companies ranging from finance to high-street names and internationally acclaimed artists.

Brand Activation

Tell immersive stories and capture audience imaginations


Powerful sales tools to deeply understand the product on offer


Don't just read about it, live it


One of the most effective training tools available


Experience art in new and exciting ways


Experience art in new and exciting ways

See it in action

Over the past 5 years we have captured imaginations, educated and engaged audiences around the world. Check out some of the magic and get inspired with how it could help you:

Westfield - Art installation
CityFibre - Brand Activation
NBC Dreamworks - 3d world
Nakheel - AR
The North Face - VR
Timberland - Metavideo
CityFibre - web game
sofitel - bar design
ecoworld - 360 tour
nbc dreamworks - 3d worlds
private house - design
david collins studio - design

Our Clients

Why choose Mixed Reality Co?

Because experience is everything.


We ideate, script, design, build and deliver XR technologies. Our team of experts possesses deep expertise, ensuring you receive world class service and experiences to engage, excite and convert.

Platform agnostic

We plan, produce and execute using the most suitable platform for your specific needs. Our platform partner list is exhaustive including all of the big names.

Results driven

We prioritize quantifiable outcomes, ensuring your Mixed Reality investments deliver tangible business benefits. Want an example? In our recent project with The North Face, we converted 20% of visitors into purchasers and signed up 40% to their community programme.

Our Platform Partners

Our 5 pillars for great projects

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