On-Chain Pick Of The Week With HireChain Ep6

Patrick Lambert


Entrepreneur, Presenter. Marketing, Web3, Cars, Property.

Currently working on uGen: Web3 social content platform

Ben Collins is a Creative Director 👑
Business Founder x 5 🚀
Loves nuts 🥜

Writes about entrepreneurship, marketing and the gym


On-Chain Pick Of The Week With HireChain Ep6

The Lab3 ON-CHAIN PICK OF THE WEEK with Hirechain Ep6🎙 - This week Jac Evans, Patrick Lambert and I discuss...Art Blocks Inc. - A real Web3 OG that serves as a platform to create as well as showcase generative art, uniting artist and collectors on blockchain 🖼 Ostium Labs - A trading platform that allows users to trade real-world assets using crypto including soybeans, gold, and oil etc 📈

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