TrueGroup Tips for Creative paid ads

  1. Use the ‘everyday’ & relatable: Aim to create ads that resonate with the target audience personally. Think of what makes you stop scrolling and engage. Is it humour, a compelling story, stunning visuals…or maybe even something totally mundane? Use these elements to craft your content. Your content has a lot of real-estate to compete…make sure the ad stands out to your target audience above the rest.
  2. Using Data Wisely: Probably a bit boring to hear now…but data really is your guide. Analyse and research which ads drive engagement and sales. This insight helps in refining your branding strategy to be more effective and relatable to your audience.
  3. Engaging Expert Creators: Collaborate with professional content creators (cough…TrueGroup…cough). We…sorry…they bring a fresh perspective and expertise in storytelling (even award-winning). Remember, guiding them is good, but over-directing can stifle their creative process.
  4. Exploring Diverse Media: This is something we see brands getting better at every year. Don't limit yourself to one type of media. Experiment with various formats – from short-form videos to innovative AR experiences. Each format offers unique ways to connect with your audience and helps you stand out from the competition.
  5. Interactive Elements in Ads: Including elements like QR codes in TV or outdoor ads can significantly increase engagement and provide a direct link to your product or service.
  6. Building a Creative Repository: Our Director Ben has done this for years - and bangs on about it all the time. Whenever an ad catches his eye, he saves it on his Notion board (also see Evernote). Analyse what elements stood out – was it the colour scheme, the copy, or the overall design? Use these insights as inspiration for future campaigns (and look like a creative hero when the next brief comes in).
  7. Holiday Marketing Mastery: Public holidays are an easy way to find creative context. Plan your holiday campaigns well in advance. Tailor your content for each holiday to leverage the increased consumer activity during these periods.
  8. Seamless Ad-Landing Page Integration: Ensure your ad and landing page are visually and thematically aligned. This coherence enhances user experience and trust, leading to better conversion rates.
  9. Mastering the Hook in Video Ads: It used to be the first fifteen seconds…these days it is the first! The initial second(s) of your ad are crucial. Experiment with different hooks to see what grabs attention instantly.
  10. Refining Successful Ads: Once you identify your top-performing ads, iterate on them. Small tweaks can make a big difference. Test different versions to see which aspects resonate most with your audience.
  11. Crafting Impactful Copy: Effective copy is clear, concise, and engaging. Use straightforward language and…the most important…focus on the benefits of your product! Don’t ‘we’ all over the audience lol. Remember, the goal is to hook the reader in the first few seconds.
  12. Utilising Low-Fi Ads: You might have seen us talk about this a lot in some of our podcasts recently. With the rise of TikTok (and content generally) low-fi content is hot. Ads shot on smartphones can feel more authentic and relatable. Embrace this low-fi approach for certain campaigns.
  13. Targeting Specific Audiences: Always ALWAYS personalise. Not all ads talk to everyone (obvs). Customise your ads for different segments of your audience. This personalisation can significantly increase the relevance and effectiveness of your ads.
  14. Learning from Industry Leaders: Regularly review the ad libraries of successful brands. Understand what they’re doing right and how you can adapt (steal) those strategies to fit your brand.
  15. Leveraging Affordable Resources: Platforms like Fiverr and UpWork are great for testing ad concepts without a hefty investment. Use these platforms to experiment with different ideas quickly.
  16. Simplifying for New Audiences: Creating content is exciting…so much so everyone in your team wants to have a hand in the messaging. Sack them off. When targeting cold traffic, your message should be clear and easy to understand. Keep it short and simple. Derek from engineering doesn't need to showcase the products complexity!
  17. Following Trends: Stay updated with current trends and viral content. Use these trends creatively in your ads to stay relevant and engaging.
  18. Amplifying Earned Media: Always make your content work as hard as possible. If your brand is featured in a publication, use it in your ad campaigns. This not only leverages credibility but also maximises the reach of your earned media.

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TrueGroup Tips for Creative paid ads

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