Delivering Exceptional

Brands. Agencies. mavericks. Brands. Agencies. mavericks. Brands. Agencies. mavericks.

Lab3 is our innovation studio created to deliver the exceptional. An expert international team covering Virtual reality, augmented reality, platform development, web games and beyond.
Bring us wild ideas or grand challenges and we will deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Build together

Your ambitious ideas are exciting.

Our decades of experience will bring them to life.

Launch together

Let's move from strategy to significance.

Awesome ideas belong in the marketplace making noise and baby, we like to shout from the rooftops.

Scale together

Lab3 partnership means TrueGroup has your back. A content production powerhouse supercharging your scale.

Don’t know your Decentraland from your CryptoPunk?

Download our guide ‘Introducing Web3 to Brands’


Do you want to take the chains off?

The internet is evolving, the world is finding new and exciting ways to own, engage and explore.

Are you looking to create more impact?

Lets build experiences to remember. Allow your audience to live the story.

Do you want to own your audience?

Building platform agnostic communities. The next generation of customer loyalty.

Do you want to produce something of real quality?

We are here for the big, the bold and the beautiful. Lets push harder and go further.


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